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and a small portion of it is to be examined through a microscope. The

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cadinum or juniper tar, oleum fagi or beech tar, and birch tar (often

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actually furnishes the most conclusive evidence of the fact, that

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pecially in his own family— that so young a man, in the midst of temptations,

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Causes. — Wheals are a symptom, a mode of reaction of the vaso-motor

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ance as a phyfician clung to him ever after as a friend.

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acetic acid (90 c. cm.) and absolute alcohol Bartlett in Surg., Gyn., and Ubst. for May,

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fact, one of no small importance in the conduct of the treat-

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attachment to the deeper parts, the skin being soft and pliable.

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action of the poison, or with the employment of such

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it appeared on the face or not. The color of the rash was said to have

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of hot water, followed by a rubdown and immediate rest in a warm bed, is

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comparing its effect, when diluted, with that of the concentrated normal sera.

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quencies there is little or no energy expended or work done

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caused by erosion and penetration of the artery by a

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puration, changing again to the hardness of a sarcomatous

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route for patients with dmg-induced neutropenia. Interest

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cases it may suggest measles, the patches consisting of clusters of fine papules

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been described in two cases. In the case described by Murri, the changes were

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same nature as before. Thus in one case, after cauterisation of the whole

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drinks, especially tea ; and above all, from emotion and worry-

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In the second species, generally known under the name of

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renal albuminuria, an example of which is frequently seen in the slight

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when sixty-eight years of age. Thenceforth he combined the

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When infection first occurred in them, the patients

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