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discharged, having gained twenty-four pounds in weight, and having only

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pital the urine had a specific gravity of 1.028, was acid in reaction, and was

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termed a condition of equilibrium before the drug was ex-

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influence upon those who are attacked by it, always caases a disorder

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mospheres, and then pass it through a specially con-

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tried it myself," she added, blushing a little, and van-

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what has brought the use of the agent into disrepute in

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iii, 330. . Su di un mucocele d' oppio dei seui fiontali

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complications of the puerperal state entirely prevented. The

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by the sound of a harp, and vegetation is quickened.

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every infectious disease. According to Dr Milroy, a special difficulty has

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straightens wrinkles in the face, speeds the circulation of the

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Treatment. — ^The treatment must be devoted to relieving indi-

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great heat, pain, and irritation. The effused fluid was collected

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silver or hard rubber tubes are generally used. Open the skin by

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or less confluent, even to cover the whole lesion in a bleb. The backs of

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consider as subdivisions of enteritis— duodenitis, jejunitis, ileitis, typhlitis,

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ethinylestradiol/levonorgestrel 0 03/0 15 tegen acne

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importance. The aim has not been to repeat what any physician already has

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long delayed to oflFer in print my opinion on a subject so immediate-

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vessels, and the lymphatics are very easily traced.

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proposes to make the subject of a numerical analysis, with a

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Of the patients confined. 154 were under the charge of the

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dropping- tube the idea of suction was suggested, and

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generally entertained. It is an operation requiring no little resolution and

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determined whether the meningitis or the encephalitis

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consult it more frequently and with more pleasure than profes-

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properly carried out for a sufficiently long period. In some

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Total absence of pain, no limitation of movement in young children,

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Lond. (1880), 1887, xxviii, 171: (1887), 1888, xxix, 186.—

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and also that there was an increased size of vessels and of course an increased circuUtion ia

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given in small doses, of inducing a state of insensibility of the palate andpha.rynx,

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be distinguished. The tumor mass underneath the mucosa and in the muscularis is found

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varieties and stages of these diseases be exclusively admitted ;

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given X-ray treatments every other day for eight to ten minutes.

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fertile would probably not be represented by many generations.

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already mentioned, was discovered ; the case in all probability

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opinion, was self-limited, and the patients who had re-

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situated in the right bronchi and ten in the left, which is the reverse

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tive ajabstM|ce accumulated in the alimentary canal.

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Geo. Homan, St. Louis, Mo. — The Danger of Dust as a Cause of

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enable the surgeon to avoid the dangers of infection

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