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part from the nervous centres, rendering it either positive or

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uterus could not be included by them, to the extent generally met

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of the remainder was continued much longer. Now, if we suppose

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the social character which has ever attended its meetings be pre-

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the infant, but the evil factor consists of the painful contraction

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1. Is the tongue so securely situated, all muscular energy having ceased,

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Pathologists began to see that -i dillatations and contrac-

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cases in which excision is justifiable. He divided coxalgia into three vari-

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relief of the vomiting, which so often distresses pregnant woman. He pre-

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of the distended and indurated hernia. The above experiment, which

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fore only made extracts. There are portions of it which we would

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tomed to it. Then they increase the quantity insensibly, but with precau-

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in the practice of other physicians, both at home and abroad, and

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it appears that the systematic system is entirely dependent

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at every operation upon these parts. All who have experience

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features of the case, and an examination, concurred, both

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the discussion of these laws of the nervous apparatus. There

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the heart, not only not terminating in death, but attended by

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also requiring a careful and faithful registry of all the births and marriages

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size presented through the fistulous opening — a common appear-

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poorly understood disease are now well known, and new cases

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useful for the purpose as the whole palm. It may even be advi-

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duced into England, in the wood required to rebuild London,

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been subject to piles for two or three years ; they have been greatly in-

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tute the essential characters of the malady, remain intact, notwith-

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Organship. — The Iowa Medical Journal, in a complimentary

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in size very little, if at all. Again: "the vesicle is not so well

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rative powers of the economy, be restored to a normal condi-

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that way ; where shall we begin. I propose now that a treat-

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Dr. Currey offered the following resolutions in lieu of the whole :

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perfectly sound constitution. Were our knowledge of chloroform