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lymphocytes. Lymphocytes or even poly-nuclear leucocytes may appear
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and does interfere with the ordinary clinical service by causing
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and the splenic area was exposed. After fifteen sittings it
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cytes prevented the development by suffocation, that
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tonic. Whatever in the way of diet and of habits tends to con-
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features were continually changing. At one time it would be a true haematuria
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it was held that the local machinery proposed by the Bill
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The scheme for a Conjoint Board between the Royal Colleges
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lieve that hsematuria, bearing this indeterminate character, will
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of instrumental obstetrics. Conservatism becomes us all,especially
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have been acute appendicitis. In the beginning, we thought the
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tion of a strangulated hernia before operation, and in refer-
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C. GoEDON read a paper on this subject. Of all conditions
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Flexner, a little later, reported the results of investigations made in the
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or such nourishment as is necessary to keep the tissues adequate-
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ably supported by M. SteUwag v. Carion, who considers that the increased
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stomach grows retentive. Equal care must be paid to the selection of a
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der that they sign for each man (or should do so) a certificate that
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of Minnesota and then served a three-year residency in
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eleven days, and on very spare diet. At 10.30. a.m. on August
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temperature rises rapidly, the pulse is full, bounding, and rapid, the respira-
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tear is an antiseptic fluid, and I think he is correct. We
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pen-and-ink sketch of some of our most prominent men. Sigma.
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percentage of haemoglobin, the vision by night or candle-light, the field
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has seized. In inflammation of the stomach and bowels, and
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sound is passed across strictures of this description, one is struck