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and other agents, act with effect; and second, with-
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for their influence in combating the disease of a par-
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gone almost complete atrophy. The superficial tissues lie almost as dose to the bones as
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57-63. — Oarnctt (T.) Remarks on the external use of
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latter, speaking of their use, says : " Good results, in iso-
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Choices are becoming available to the student. Modalities in the delivery of
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and white patches, apparently involving the rete and
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intact. The only difference between it and the pseudo-diphtheritic
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any impropriety, as it is chiefly to gain information. Of what
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Frequently the deformity seen in the X-ray plate may far exceed the
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Dr. B. Joy Jefiries, of Boston, presented the Report
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glad that the medical men of Cleveland are interested in the
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sion is imitating the quacks in this respect, and catalogues, prospectuses,
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that medical men need not have the slightest fear about the use
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has been known to impede respiration, and even to cause death by such
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If a part of a spool is used at any time the balance need
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barred speculum to open out the vagina, and removed
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before the patient became aware of his plan, withdrawing a few drops of
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The cause of the dropsy was, in this case, very plain. The
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reports of societies and personal items must be received by the roth of the -month preceding^.
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A. Hare had a few hours' unpleasant experience dur-
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The Society maintains the Physician Placement Service as a free service to the medical profession, hospitals,
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since they first began to be observed — the early instruments were so inferior to
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. . . 1891-3, Wien, 189G, xxi-xxiii, 607 -693.— Singer (G.)
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ness; the face is peculiarly muddy or subicteroid. Later, the patient
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