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late Dr. Henry Wells, of Montague, one of the most distinguished phy-
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main stalk divide, creating a tendency to a vacuum, developes there the
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it may be divided in situ and afterwards dilated. A modification of
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both maladies are prevalent in the same locality. For example, in a certain
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are directed to apply leeches — the same remedial means for apparently
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• April llthf 4 o^dock, P. M. Visited my patient some three or four
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opium and other stimulants often may be serviceable in absolutely atonks
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and conditions of tubercles ; of the cavities left by their softening and
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is quite curable, but if allowed to progress till the tooth socket has been
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pense. Whether the market is kept purposely poorly supplied, or
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(ii.) Standing douhle-arm-heaving forward-upward., outward-downward.
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action of the heart, faintness, tremor, and amblyopia. The symptoms that
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I think I 6nd another mistake in Dr. Thacher's Dispensatory. He
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and (at least) some of my country brethren. Tou frequently, through
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toms ; and authors, in general, are so anxious to limit diseases by
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of irritant poisoning. The colour of the inner surface of the stomach is not to be
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influence, yet it is no less a well-established observation that in other cases
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other substances, imperfectly cooked, and frequently formed into large
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Scotch, of whom 70 were Highlanders, and 21 natives of the Liowlands.
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age and general condition of the patient. Warm baths are useful,
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responses, but as having a direct tendency to act as, what counsel call
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vaccination of the 23d was perfect. Upon each arm I never witnessed
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acute lobar pneumonia, whilst there is a fall of temperature in the peripheral
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the navy, since the organization of the government. Five hundred more,
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ples of surgery and clinical surgery, by George Hay ward, M.D. Theory
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, is like neuralgia, or connected with an affection of the nervous system,
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are little aflTected within the muscle itself by the act of contraction ; but the veins
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seal, on which is stamped the number of immunising units. This plan is
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necessary to introduce as much as 2000 cubic feet of air per head per hour.
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I In children, general bleedings are rarely indicated ; it is nevertheless
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found in women on the labium majus, and in men as an infecting balanitis. The
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..Tff^.JJ^?!^*' V^S!^^^ AND SURGICAL JOURNAL ia published pvery
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coats of the viscus ; whilst if it contains a mass of solid food some of the
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to the motor nucleus of the sphincter iridis. This, however, in the writer's opinion
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rises again, and there become manifest other and more usual symptoms of
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agency of chloroform vapour, was first introduced by Dr. A. B. Green'' of
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after bathing, in whom enlarged thymus was found, are referred by Paltauf
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tion depending on these various paralyses may be present. Nystagmus is
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on the margin that the work might be noticed. We have complied with
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to read them, was sufficient evidence that they were the result of mature
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plinth. The high plinth is a long stool (say six feet) with tour legs, which are