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head and to i>our the water upon that. The repeated washing
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entrance of the poison ; in Sir Thomas Watson's oft-quoted case, however,
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latitude are the following: Ascension, Parish of Orleans,
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ISAAC G. PORTER, M. D., of New London, Connecticut.
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■secretions, or from incipient decomposition of previous in-
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— only that the colouring was done with indigo priu; ipalhi,
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anterior surface near the upper third, running diagonally outward and downward
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tion. They should realize that, as physicians and as citi-
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kept spread ou1 and prevented from being gathered up in
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behalf of a poor soldier and slept in the rain, with his feet resting in a little stream
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abnormality in the shape of a patent condition of the urachus.
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assistant, Dr. H. S. Houghton, in the course of these experiments.
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MRI have been shown to match closely those found by
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this epoch will not be held in esteem and acted upon for the benefit of
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airfaoea. In three cases the paralysis was attributable to exposure to cold
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twenty-four hours, then spread out and dry. Before putting it out for
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Sambucus Canadensis. A New Rcmedv in Albuminuria 182
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the remainder, save for one, succumbed to various complications within
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infundibuli, but not derangement enough to account for either the length
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of nervous disease, there had been only eighteen cases
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inflammation does not fupervene on fever, and when it does, it gene-
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period of ten minutes in such cases, and also with very young or old
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in so far as they considered the tuberculin reaction due to antibodies.
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a solitary cell, development takes place and according as ex-
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ments, while $33,946 was returned to the State Treas-
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and menstruation ; but there are many exceptions to this statement.
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should be made on the cord to ascertain whether the placenta be
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general observed to take place simultaneously with the coagulation of the blood
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disease persist beyond the usual time, are indicated.
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sweet than cane sugar. It is harder, and thus assists in the
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He was graduated from the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, ui
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medicine, because Patton has traced out the development of a Crithidia
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male fern (1 gm. — 15 gr., t. i. d.), santonin, quinine or methylene blue
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realize therein and act accordingly, and however brilliant may
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gistration of Births and Deaths in Ireland ; and espe-
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an inherited disposition to tuberculosis. Theories have changed as
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could be found. In their natural state it is clear that herbivorous
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to daily weighing of the patient, and claim that the weight
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forms of malformation, there are 26 instances of the second