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18. Jellet, H.— Cent, fur Gyn., 1897, XXI, p. 975.
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pale and sunken, became almost normal in appearance,
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the man being very imijortunate in requesting to be
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chronic inflammation are likely to be, and the probable success
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cavity. In two of them, the attack was entirely without premonitory symp-
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gastric mucosa are distinctive only of the graver, fatal forms. Observatioo3
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this we may observe, that the majority of well-marked examples
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iufiueuce produced by the bringing together of various
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looked for the characteristics of uric acid, and could not find them, unless
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number of cases upon which I have operated in the Post
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that their central speech is a function of the right hemisphere. Normal left-sided
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only five lumbar vertebra), while the latter is brachycephalous,
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and future welfare, the enjoyment in witnessing their happi-
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vtce versa. This would be a legitimate inference, al-
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turbance of the voice-production which has been variously
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M.-Chir. J., 1898, xviii, 409-472.— Horder (T. J.) ^ Ac.ase
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By microscopical examination, a thin rasorial section of both the medullary
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be affected should not be freely taken into account. We shall never,
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aponeurosis and the cap.sule, inverting the latter. When the dull blade
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complaint of numbness or of parsesthesia, and there is never any loss of