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the primary disease, the greater, of course, the probability of the successful
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day buboes appear in the axilla, groin, or neck, and more rarely
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'J'he antipyretic treatment of fever. Tr. Ass. Am. Physi-
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The possibility of autogenetic infection is of great
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He was anaesthetised in bed, and then carried by his brother
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considered in greater detail. We can strongly recommend Dr. Hutchi-
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Professor Paresis admits that it may give one a lot
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Hans Paulson, age sixty-one, weaver. Autopsy, November 23, 1872, thirty-six hours
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From the carefully compiled tables of the hospital registrar's reports it
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greatest care, after the most approved modern methods, including vigorous
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the bladder at one sitting of three quarters of an hour, but if
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in those of the mammary gland. 3. Simple absolution is effected
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tainly the very best, for accuracy and clearness, we have yet seen. They are
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recorded of the latter coming on vicariously to the catamenia.
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Hospital, while under the care of Drs. Stengel, Hirst, Anspach and Newlin, to
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with numerous instances in which morbid changes seem to have
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temperature is accompanied by profuse sweating, but no
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four rooms of ample size, to be appropriated for these uses ; the small room
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has happened in our times.) Many writers have managed to
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warm poultices may be used. The abscess should be opened as soon
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he has not settled the question. Dr. McClintockf asserts, after
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The dia^osis, when the relaxation is considerable, is not difficult.
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pointed Professor of the Institutes of Medicine in the College of
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livid-red ; on the left thumb there was some dried blood. There was
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pregnancy, it seems to me there can be little question.
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Dr. Spitzberg was a staff member at most of the Little Rock
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Project Title: Ventilation Dynamics in Interstitial Lung Disease