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is inflated, it becomes transparent, and, at the same time,

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when very small amounts had been given, one after 8 per cent of

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injected too hot. A few drops of a sterile 1 per cent,

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eaiuses of frequent or even habitual increase of peripheral vascular

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it is about normal in the second stage, and more frequently diminished in the

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and more relaxing air. Sjicaking generally, phthisical pa-

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had been mainly controlled by hot vaginal injections showed that

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rhythmical movements. The strain in piano-playing falls on the extensors

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Royal Free Hospital, Gray's-inn-road. — Senior House-Surgeon.

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matter, and triple phosphates, lime salts, eleagic or lltho-fellinic acid, but never

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He was well known as a sanitary worker, and was for

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probabilities for or against the doctrine of contagion

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applying conclnsiona drawn from this inoculation disease in the

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more or less inflamed and hyperplastic. In the graver

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If we study the phenomena resulting from the introduction into the

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better, quicker, and more successfully by the abdominal. With a

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Also: West. M. Rev Lincoln, Nebr., 1898 iii 90. — Hahn

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1958, California. Pre-medical education, University of

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Fruit and Bread, — translated from the German by Dr. Holbrook, and pub-

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length as tubercle bacilli (2| to 3£ /*), but broader (| to § fi). They are

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of a systematic proceeding to which he was accustomed,

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applied to the affected parts. At first only a small amount of

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felt by the honest Surgeon when he knew that life and death

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of the recipient speedily became equal to that in the donor. Out of many ex-

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was noticed and a creamy deposit was noticed in the urine.

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power, we must conclude that he appeared on the earth as a civilized

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cabin. There his legs suddenly became weak and could

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We would also know that our endeavors are in vain when

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delirium and unconsciousness, and continue for four or five days. The

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dangers, on the 9th of February, early in the morning, the

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