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division into several segments (metameres or somatomes) ;

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Cases of anaphylaxis have been reported half of which have

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the heart is displaced upward, an embarrassment of its action (rapidity and

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and it overcomes the two most severe symptoms. One of these is a

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constitutional disturbances ; often so trifling as to

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similar history; and Dr. De Rosset, of Wilmington, met with the

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S. 272. 24. Delbet. — /Sejnaine ?ner7,, Paris, 1895, p. 271. 2.5. Stengel.

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Cumulative effects of the drug may develop in patients with impaired renal

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forefinger should be introduced into the rectum and

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in 60 ml bottles and Unitcups'“of 5 ml in pack- j

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Vienna, in 1846, and later that of Pasteur in bacteri-

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samples of this article. The results of these examinations were em-

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ton'al Department, should be addressed to the Editor, 126 Massachu-

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is retained. The blood is easily expelled firom the bronchi by coughing,

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from its insolubility, or even, if it is absorbed, that the

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writer is not aware, however, of any precise data going to prove either

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local infiltration and redness from the eighth to the twelfth days, and

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spots, only there is very little tension and pain, and the general orgaif-

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subcutaneous, submucous, and subperiosteal hemorrhages.

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All letters marked X on the envelope will have priority.

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CLXXIX. Albuminuria General anasarca (Edema of lung Recovery 801

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tions in its anatomic structure, not sufficiently marked to in-

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to deep hypnosis. Dosage required is only about one-half