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existing state of the Medical corporations, and of the Uni-
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tuberculous disease of the spine or even of the ribs, must be mentioned,
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with a translation of Susruta Samhita, the second great
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do; it was merely to secure a neat stump that would
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on the instep. To these pieces of plaister, representing the
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for Labor Legislation, made this address. He said that
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space" — p. 105. And this he does without neglecting the relational anatomy
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3. Broad and recent experience in practice of medi-
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tion. This I attribute to my failure to cUvide the stric-
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determined the nature of the fever. In November last he had a patient
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tion. The fever is of a remittent character, being higher at night and showing
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The difficulty, if indeed the possibility, of at times discrimi-
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these marked changes occurred solely as a result of a rheumatic inflamma-
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Mix. Apply twice a day until part is slightly sore, and then once a
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is frequently prolapsed, due to its marginal insertion, and when this
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as possible. I am well aware that treatises on diseases
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rence amongst the inhabitants of the low damp valleys of the
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TollBic electrlei^. PhiL Trans., 1827, pp. 29T-300.
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Professor Goodell, of Philadelphia, in a recent lecture,
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t-<-<>C- <•€■<•<•«•*
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which must be discussed. Such matters as the free choice of
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peculiar instance where a diphtheritic patient asso-
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mixture (mistura ferri et ammonii acetatis) may serve a useful purpose.
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where, on account of hasmoptysis, an astringent prepa-
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In domestic placebo-controlled trials, the incidence of adverse
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H. E. Ajjnett and J. EvEBETT Dtitton. — Noticing the observa-
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Lastly, it appears that some of these symptoms already
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the dose in which it is given, and the method in which it is employed,
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open one side and fill with mock cream made as follows in the
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the pulse was above 140, and scarcely to be felt, so that I resolved
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be difficult to get a field clear enough for accurate observation. For
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cells of the body die — tubercuhn thus aiding the bacilli
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distilled water, two ounces. A teaspoonful is to be
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parts should be exposed by an incision along the in-
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mis, and otherwise induce the testicle to enter the scro-
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imity of opinion. Xo doubt, some of the best surgeons
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tious terms, they have enjoyed a transient notoriety and
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Tincture or Essence of Ambergris. G-uibourt directs 1