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latter was composed of nests and tracts of irregularly placed,

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If while feeling a pulse which is regular, it is interrupted by

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in whose right ear the exostosis had been growing for

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Jlesh as if his back had been scraped with a knife.

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or again the locality that is free from rag-weed, golden-

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April 4th. — Pulse 76 ; respiration 20 ; tongue clean, appetite good ; bowels regular ; sallow,

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employed it produces destruction of tissue, and should be

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I think that the foregoing will afford a fair specimen of the

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tions of hysterical or designing women ; but the most pre-

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permanent, and capable of being carried to great dis-

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His bibliography of the subject, chronologically arranged, beginning

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on the ability to absorb certain substances characteristic of those

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striking results it promised when first suggested. In

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the circulating blood, and the increased lung development.

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made up your mind that your ailment was an attack of pleurisy,

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enchyma presented everywhere a granular character, and a dense, firm, leathery C0D8isteDc«.

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earlier age. In other words, these are cases in which

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white and colors, although vision to a certain extent still per-

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occurs is nearly always found in both eyes. There is seldom haze of the

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10 or 20 per cent, more humid than air in the open. There may be a

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that this paper differed from Dr. Seguin* s practice, and

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be sufficiently prolonged, complete occlusion often takes place, and

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chemical end of the spectrum. When it is fully appreciated

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the patient has had attacks of dizziness, appearing every six months.

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The Doctor in Literature, James Newton Mathews,M-D,

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may be omitted and the O, absorption carried out directl3\) With

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typhoid bacilli in the gall-bladder is, however, sometimes associated

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of the effect which it has wrought upon the system — has been denied

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