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I think it well, however, to make some allusion to the treatment
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ligature, its destruction by clamp and cautery, by crushing, and by
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ment of the subclavian arteries so that these are felt to beat in the
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are insane." 3 Grimm 4 states that "In this country about 7 per cent,
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above the orifice of the superior mesenteric artery.
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some instances due to the rupture of a vessel in the membranes of
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rysm, according to this classification, is a general dilatation, fusi-
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scarcely interferes with the passage of the finger. The contraction
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of thinning or of bulging outward, while the intima at the same time
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the case twenty years ago. In many places, therefore, communities
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ingested proteins has likewise been demonstrated to take place in
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the white women of child-bearing age a marked tendency to recurrence
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On this occasion alcohol and water, equal parts, were used for the
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Bradford Infirmary and to the Bradford Fever Hospital.
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fasciculus gracilis and cuneatus ; of neurons of the second order hem-
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Maximum Diastolic Pressure from ioi to 120 mm. — Of the 100
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true pericardial murmurs are most distinct in a position which is
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retention of calcium in the normal adult there is a tendency for a
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whites are generally inhabitants of towns and villages, with inferior
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to the same stimulus. Such dissimilarity of reaction is conditioned both
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Other important therapeutic questions are the action and the em-
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delirium tremens, and finds alterations in the pyramidal cells of the
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storm. 5. There is an extreme sense of depression and feeling of im-
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sure, retarded flow, arid formation of new varices, and at the same
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exsected, it will be found that the heart which beats more quickly
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ence from former results will be investigated later.
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The alliance of arteriosclerosis with mitral stenosis, though much
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showed no carmin staining 32 and did not give the oxydase reaction.
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For this purpose cases were selected from the wards of the Peter
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able, graham and rye bread occupying a middle position.
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of salvarsanized serum alone. The purpose of this part of the paper
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tensive investigations found that the indications for the use of caf-
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be the direct or indirect cause of endemic cretinism. In England
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Martin : Host of Filaria Sanguinis Hominis, etc. Annals of Surgery, Novem-
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sis of aortic valvular incompetence without attempting to ascertain the
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Cancer. — During the ten years 1851-1860, amongst the female popu-
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of the body, and often of congenital origin. The various forms of
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As for the treatment and prognosis of blastomycosis, nothing new
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3 per Twenty-four months have elapsed since he was last treated and
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rences in 1914 are undoubtedly less complete than for 1912 and 1913,
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An Intensive Study of the Epidemiology of Pellagra: Report of Progress.
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We may go further and say that valve lesions are by no means in-
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blood urea nitrogen on November 19 was 30 mg. per 100 c.c. blood ; on the