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were compressed, and he were about to be suffocated ; sits up in bed and rests
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the stone may be large enough to be palpated. As the stone passes into
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^Pleurisy, (a) Plastic. — (b) Serofihrinous. — (c) Siqipurative. — {d) Interstitial.
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changes, which are present in greater or less degree in all cases, cause
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sciousness between the injury and the pressure symptoms, but paralysis
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quent occurrence than the diffused variety. It usually involves the periph-
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septic solution and the patient given a nourishing and stimulating diet.
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Aortic regurgitation is a graver form of disease than aortic stenosis. Its
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tion. Cocci united in twos. Capsulated when in the lung ; in cultures it
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tumors, aneurisms of the aorta, innominata, or subclavian arteries, and by
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finger. Traction can be made by means of the splint.
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Like tlioni, ihey i)()sscss tho ])ower of ama'hoitl niovcriit'iif, of rapidly chjiii"--
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trolled by the administration of opium in small doses at short intervals.
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quantity, is not found in normal urine, so when it is constantly present
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comes more extensive, they coalesce and have an irregular outline. The
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arsenic and cod-liver oil. In malarial hypertro^Dhy of the spleen the patient
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the muscular coats, and lead to perforating peritonitis. The margin of
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The first and perhaps the most constant symptom ^4iich is common to
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cirrhosis, will be considered under the head of those diseases.
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portant to remember that the liver has two envelopes, the outer, the serous
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the lungs. Pericardial friction sounds may be increased in intensity by
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demands. The increase of arterial pressure is also felt within the heart,
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large injections of warm water through long rubber tubes, which must be
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slovr pulse does not necessarily indicate a mild attack. In some severe and
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tion is the result of injury, and anti-inflammatory treatment is neces-
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the laminae or pedicles. The displacement of the vertebrae may be
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pearly secretion. The interior portion of the trigone is also studded with
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gangrenous stomatitis begins iu the cheek. The progress of noma is slow
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of fleshy tendinous cords. When the walls of the left ventricle are very
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The advanced stage of cirrhosis may be confounded with chronic i)eri-
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the use of drainatre tubes in such cases, are fully discussed by Mosler iu the October number of the Bcr.
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any form of renal lesion in Avhich there is a protracted interference with
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whitish, yellowish, or greenish. The change in the color of the secretion is