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From the National Cancer Institute came expertise on

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Society, and since repeated in his ^ State of Facts.'


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established for exposure to asbestos and cigarette smoking.

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Medical Society of New Jersey, 315 West State St., Trenton, N.J. Printed in East Stroudsburg, Pa. by the Hughes Printing Co.

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denectomy. On the fifth post-operative day, she developed

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In any case, a close look at CME, as it presently exists, is

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and Shelter; over 700 beds; starting 8 hrs/wk to be

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County Med. Society, and of the Pathological Society,

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M.l. In: Meltzer LE, Dunning AJ, eds: Textbook of Coronary Care.

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numbness in fingers. Pulse is 72, regular, small volume.

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Complete literature available on request from Profes-

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* Anat. Microscop. liv. i, p. 8. fol. Paris, ^ See the App. to the English edition of

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jugular veins are very large on both sides ; they are rendered

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the other parenteral agents. Of the oral agents, PAS and

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Use this form only in connection with equipment to be supplied by the Committee on Annual Meeting.

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She occupies the ground floor of a damp house. When a

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Merton L. Griswold, Jr., M. D. ( 198 I ) Plainfield

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RESOLVED, that as a mechanism to accomplish this in a satisfac

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saline matter of the serum, and by watery solutions of neutral

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should not be scraped away or treated with the cautery.

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or gold pigment which is characteristic of S. aureus. It can be

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reported an interdigital sinus in a sheep shearer where the

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incisions selected in the present case being those usually

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interosseous, and then under the ulnar artery, which in this sub-

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3. Samuels ML, Johnson DE, Holyoye PY: The treatment of

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once. From these figures it is evident that tabic arthro-

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muscle to another and from one side of the body to the other