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vaccine, no case of yellow fever occurred. In the group receiving a
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practised. At no time during treatment is the induced
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detected by examination varies. In muscular or fat subjects the hand may
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the round ligaments being stitched to the anterior ab-
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hand of the operator being placed on the back of the head
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Resistance. — The diphtheria bacillus has less resistance to adverse
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eight years previous to coming under his care she had
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1910. Wadsworth, Augustus B., 114 West 55th St., New York.
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nurses are interfering with yours all the time. The
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to ascertain. In that year it was united with the Philadelphia Lying-
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London, where he lived until the time of his death, December
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poitant in some cases, it is not be inferred that they are invariably indi*
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nerves, as, for instance, the action of one mind upon
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alleviate. How often, like Hippocrates, we find in these
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it in this operation, it should be buried deep, fastened
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acquire their maximum beyond the point where the lesion is
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appearance. The arteries were only here and there to be seen, and
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One sample brought me in the course of this city's inspection
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the margin of the ribs, and projecting il<'« iiwards
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detailing drugs and pharmaceuticals in a very competitive
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land. The Oxford Medical Publications. The Canada Law
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quality. Thus, injury to vision generally necessitates loss of earning
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Considerable blood and urine were found in the peritoneal cavity, and
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immobility of the thoracic parietes in relation with the affected tracts ;
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98. GuYON. — ForeigQ Bodies in the (Esophagus. Bull. Gen. de Therap.^
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ter always arises from the mid-dorsal line. Though the small bowel
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through the room. No flannels should be worn on the diseased part,
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severe attacks (and in these it is jirubable tiial the
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St. George's Hospital, where he lectured on surgery, and
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paralysis, which began in the hand muscles and extended up the arm,
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ment of the spirally coiled filament in insects, centipedes, &c,
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skin gradually disappeared ; the pulse became fuller, and
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improved, and are being applied by workers in numbers that