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over the spinous processes and knuckles, become dark sooner or later. Pig-

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XV, 427. — Ahlstrom (G.) Tiaumatische Aniritiie mit

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intervals, for weeks. In other cases the haemorrhage is large and soon

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elevations with a greater amplitude than 200. These are located at

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in the drinking-water had attached itself to the mouth

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exact time, place, and manner of the occurrence is always

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a withered hand, to urge on their troops with a feeble cheer.

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caution in the use of mercury, from the small quantity which

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and the well persons to the Quarantine of Observation.

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was found nothing to explain the occurrence of hemorrhage.

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animal into another of the same species. In this way the amount of blood

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toric eye, these once formidable barriers may be seen

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has been obtained ; hence the Wo/^ld appears with its accus-

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the patient. Oases of abortion after operation are not rare. It generally takes

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grandad for such a devil-may-care hypocritical scapegrace of a youngster,

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inhabit the Temperate Zone. They live under stones m shady

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cuted with \ngor for at least a year. The cause of the rupture of oompenMlkn

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makes it. The business organization, whatever it may be, rests

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in the materia medica, but a few will remain of permanent

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knowledge and lack of energy to acquire better, but it is none

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I note facts as to deaths of fowls, of a bull and of a calf in circumstances

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treme youth of the patient it is impossible to test the

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apex upwards, the other with its apex outwards or inwards, as the case may

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f fllorfW5cnr*»« among them that have not yet matured, nor do you per-

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Fever, from our earliest acquaintance with the disease, have

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of the Wassermann test in cases of splenomegalic cirrhosis, and if so,

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against hazardous occupations requiring complete mental

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