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drowsiness appears which deepens into slumber more or less

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in the purely medical field, the other in that of true men-

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done to improve the mentality ; the second fact, that of the

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is a vaso-motor paresis in one portion of the body or an-

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nary agar-agar. On glycerin-phosphate-agar the growth is almost

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system of training called Banting, and which consisted in

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* Read at the June meeting of the Kentucky State Medical Society. 1895.

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increased liability to hemorrhage, both primary and

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medical men as to its value as an auxiliary in the treatment

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bodies, or only small amounts, while the virulent strains

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be repeated by hina or some other member of the Association at each of its

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l>r. Hardwicke als3 commends the scheme, advocated by a