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circumscribe the different sounds from which we derive inferences as

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tell us that you consider your opinion better than that of

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and pemphigus are benefited by the following lotion :

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even if their homeland offered a national health program.

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memories of our first " God bless you." We have been dis-

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slow, sinking, sometimes, to 48 or 50 in the minute. The pulse

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field, Mo., a graduate of Rush Medical College, Chi-

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obtained, and that the particular kind of sugar which is present can be

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begins where physiology ends. We shall now endeavour to

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and quickly followed, and requires only strips of clean muslin

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The influence which a book of this kind possesses is im-

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has appeared to originate from a blow, or other local injury.

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residence of Dr. Wm. Young, by the Rev. Wm A. Sproule, Wm.

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ing side of the head become dilated. The cerebral vessels appear to

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and this led him to name the affection "Nurse's contracture." The latent

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■must confess, agree with this opinion, nor am I prepared to admit that

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fully collected by Mr. Brotherston in the Hawick district. After

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they must do in appointing examiners. The Committee o£

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emergencies not foreseen or expected. Every effort should be made

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stay in their rooms, or at most visit some invalid neighbor to