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1892, xxii, 34-42, — Pinart. Erisipela y su trataniienfo.

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drawing of the scissors, the different shapes of the dissecting knives, the

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urine was cloudy. I asked Dr. L. L. Williams, U. S. M. H. S., if

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until that point is reached when the blood will flow through other path-

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PROGNOSIS. Of 18,612 cases aggregated by Murchison, occurring at

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ttportant Note: This drug is not a simpie analgesic,

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25-30. Also, transl.: K. Akad. d. Wissenscb. in Par. . . .

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irrigation was given every alternate day. The rectal ulcers

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advanced, at least so far as the thyroid is concerned. On the other hand,

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and Monakow ' (on cats), have obtained negative results,

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adequate precaution be taken ; and the view of Charcot, that it is due to a

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scored not less than once each 60 days and the last rating only within

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practice and forty-two in private practice. In all of those cases

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choosing the point at which separation shall cease,

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