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all the time, C still showed a deficit of 3-6 per cent, when the two rates had

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increased quantities of blood, to liberate reserve force, and

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the attempt to use it. I think it is a form of treat-

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tary, have an important influence over the relative liability of persons to

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did not return, as indeed it often will not for months ; he could not

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" sufficiently when striking, the fang-points touching the skin may be

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occasionally there are rigors or slight chills about the same hour on

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at its entrance into 4. tumor mass on posterior suriace of stomach; 5. aorta; 6, inferior vena cava; 7, sapenor

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pain from attempting to do so herself; and the surface of the

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Divine Being, and supports his arguments most ingeniously

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to perform the function of breathing. Now disputes, or differences

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with gauze packing in perineal wound ; these to be re-

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"Although the iron possesses no special utility in this disease, it

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May 20, 1886, her husband writes that she is feeling

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The saltness and specific gravity of the water was found by

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performed for pylorectomy was done in 1883 ; a year or two

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of an Anglican sisterhood — for Scutari. "I am naturally a very

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which I have found a space of from one to five years imme-

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of which was found to be dilated all the way down, gradually

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" It quickly subdues the inflammation of the cutis, and produces

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so important a part in the days of the French regiTne asked

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(1883-90), 1892, 9, 1 pi.— Kostcr (W.) Gzn. Een nielhode

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Notwithstanding the pathological character, relations, and value of ulcera-

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is suffered to allow his offspring to go unvaccinated if

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characteristic feature. The recognition of this predisposition period may

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and torpid. March 26th : very restless and could not be kept in bed, hence

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retary's hands for some time; but as there had been no meeting, it could

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Subscriptions and advertisements received, specimen

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Such attacks are occasionally fatal within a few hours apparently by

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fluid extract ergot administered for the purpose only of

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sink into total collapse, to get out of which is a labor of

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Dr. W. P. Northrup reported "Three Cases of General Dissemi-

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the pylorus, it occurs in connection with pyloric thickening from fibroid