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veins. Later, characteristic changes take place and the
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** of those febrile and nervous affections, which local disease pro^
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rule is this — a horse should never he put to serve a greater
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M. D., F. A. Harris, M. I)., W. B. Hornblower, Esq., Charles II. Jewett, M. I).. P (
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those which I should myself select for the purpose of
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heart-beats are very feeble or inaudible ; in the congestive type the lips are
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even to speak of vomiting and retching which makes the
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Two new schoolhouses have been built in our county in the past year,
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foci broke out anew; afebrile cases were changed to the hectic type
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does it hope to effect a thorough and radical change in the
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3ilready announced, £234 Ss. Cd. ; Dr. Abud, 10s. 6d. ; James Bacon, Esq.,
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