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most marked on the right temporo-sphenoidal lobe somewhat posterior to its

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tions in the glands ; the gland cells, and blood vessels of

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hysterectomy. A collection of seven hundred and twenty-

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should be carefully washed and dried immediately the

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cases out of four. MoreoA^er, Avhen they do occur, they present infinite

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first employed hypodermic injections for the relief of pain, using

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the head cannot be immediately delivered with safety,

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methods from a military medical standpoint. ] Honve-

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obtained." (Berlin, klin. Woehensch., Vol. XXXV, page 550.) All

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most serious results are often attributed to this cause.

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The fatal issue occurs in less than a week. In the chronic form recovery

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meric. And so it will be with everything else. If people set their

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of all the three stages of pneumonia, in different parts of the lung

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ring, apparently made up by the aggregation of nearly parallel

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fluence over the form and functions of the stomach will, according to

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In all cases where the disease has been arrested and

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be said to exert a really curative effect on pleuro-pneunionia.

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the younger the patient, the worse the prognosis. The

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the infra-orbital canal, or just external to it. For example, Fothergill

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affection. As far as we are aware, it is unaccountable.

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its greater concentration, in the knowledge of the proper dosage antl

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^reat weight and great buoyancy of the lungs combined, — that the one con-

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Autopsy showed typical swine plague lesions. Cultures from the various

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mon salt. The final distillate weighed 1.0352 grammes ; and

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importance, should be thoroughly understood by the prac-

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• Not subject to narcotic controls: convenient to

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continuity only, the progress remains relatively slow. Local