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soon break, discharge their serous contents, and then dry

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members of the graduating class, to wit: John Frost,

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Cellular protoplasm is anaerobic, and it is only after an initial

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for they have a less drying effect. Ichthyol is generally a very

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conjunction with a colon resection in which primary bowel

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are employed in this way, and from which I have seen most advantage in

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Walker of Peterborough. The position of the opening was half an inch

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Ireland. By a Country Practitioner. Medical and Miscel-

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* Compare our work upon epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, " Centralhl. f.

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buted the prizes to the students at St. Mary's Hospital

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in the report of the United States General Hospital in

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artery of a healthy dog, kept under the same conditions

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unsuccessful. The difficulties in the operation arise from the

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48 Maxwell : Puerperal Eclampsia treated by Caesarean Section

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If the discharge continues after a week or two, give night

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exceptional terminations of abdominal aneurysm are sometimes met with, as

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destroying the diseased erectile tissue of the nose with a

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of unadulterated, nourishing food, of rational and suitable

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We are unable to offer any criticism on the statement of

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During these years of preparatory study and work, not by

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portal lymph glands, that lie against the posterior

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them with caustics or powerful acids. Many an old person has had

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