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scarlatina and is attended by serious dangers, both near and remote. In
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Former noncommissioned officers of the regular service now holding temporary
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came back to the Italian Hospital, where he was seen for the first time
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absolutely certain that all of them can be traced to one or
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the Babinski phenomenon was not present. Nothing abnormal
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rent most suitable in these cases, preferring faradism,
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15. Perforating Ulcer of the Stomach. — Mr. Scallan detailed the
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with Bacillus welchii it would escape notice, unless the most careful
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trained nurse to relieve the night ntu'ses, and the day nurses relieved themselves.
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sufferings until in December, 1875, when he was operated on a
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effected by the masticatory muscles which are supplied by the fifth cranial
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and insidious progress of this grade of gastric inflam-
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in which cultures cannot be obtained stock vaccines (commercial or
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each other, and are drawn upwards and backwards, or upwards
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sive amount of bodily fat; it assumes clinical importance v^hen the fat
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thebolnctate. These were all obtained in their peculiar
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mortality, the only death being nine years after the patient was first
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very interesting line of research, and if his results hold good, they
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acidity plays an important part in the pathogenesis of
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the pressure of clothing, inflammatory processes and
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cholera typhoid stage, or else may pass directly into a
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fractures amputation should be the exception and not the rule of practice.
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it is frequently administered, is very great indeed, ex-
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2. To prevent uraemia and secondary inflammation ; 3. To palli-
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toms. It included the saline diuretics, such as citrate of potassium; also
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of the rectus femoris — and this occurred again hist year, but in
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complained of .starting pains of the lirnb at night.
throat that I have met with in my wards in the Eoyal Infirmary and else-
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proved or rebutted ? I shall here deal in general statements,
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are blindly dropped into the stomach, or poured into the rectum,