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posed, he thought there was a place and a use for it. The

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a reaction at different times during the treatment, but it is not rare,

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one case, streptococcus pyogenes and bacillus coli in

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There was a case of hypernephoma, with the kidney almost

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vomiting, thirst, tenderness of the stomach, and soreness

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mach), 1 ; haemorrhage, 25; heart, diseases of, 115; hernia, 5; hip,

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were lost, and changed into (what we have called) endocardial

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upon the surrounding parts, more or less obstructing the flow of blood to

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retroverted — as it is well known that a retroverted pregnant uterus, if not cor-

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to be spoken of in this. For difficulties such as these,

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tuberosum multiplex is now regarded by most authorities as identical

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Upon arrival she was taken at once to the sanitarium. On the 6th

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As the disease progresses, the intellectual and paralytic troubles become

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sulting a physician. She would assure her that "Mrs. Brown" over the

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of motion is far from being always complete, although fol-

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cocci. Two anatomical forms of dysenteric abscess of the liver are described,

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of the nerve-fibres, as well as their connexion with the cell,

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walls of the uterus are lacerated at once, rarely the peritoneal

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of a number of children in a family from causes that affected the adults but

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whatever its nature, may give rise to various forms

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soothing, lubricating effect on the mucous membrane of the bowel, relaxing the parts, relieving

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exophthalmic goitre have naturally fallen into three groups:

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it will therefore not be necessary for me to do more than

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Dr. Kingsley. — My attention was drawn to this sub-

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coming abroad in disorder, which he ought to be dis-

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Apthae in the mouth are common, especially after partaking of

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the fetus and attack some special part of the body,

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cliromic-acid test ; the vapor of alcohol burning as before in

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only a poor guide, but the physician can often do no better.

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During the early stages of concussion, warmth to the

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the medullary cord, with its nerves and ganglia, for its in-

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