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examining the parts after death, the large sac was found to consist of a dilated
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indications for it, and of tact in its employment. The advantage of
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the kidney. Our author justly lemarks, that a decisive diag-
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puzzles would l)e satisfactorily solved within the next
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for there appears to be no argument in favour of its exhibition
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recognition by society, position, on the latter. That is the
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exerting traction on the mesentery, the genito-mesei^teric fold
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displacements. May not the idea that a woman must keep
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though their greatest interest is in relation to the peripheral vessels, the observa-
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An interesting feature of the report was an account of the modifica-
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they do not pass through their various phases in the
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&e head. After the head was born, and before the entire extrusion of the
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on this topic it may lead me on to white ice, and thus mislead
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similar at all ages. His object is to indicate the special incidence
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methods of examination : When the patient is sitting or lying
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cavity. Evidence of septic peritonitis at once encoun-
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that it proves fatal should it surround the body completely.
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every 2 or 3 days. During the third stage of the disease it is
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few weeks after the appearance of the dys|)hagia our
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should be directed slightly upward and forward to avoid the pos-
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I did not see her until about noon, two days afterwards. I found her with
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of grippe or influenza, the nasal sinuses were almost
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Add to a plain omelet mixture a small quantity of tomato
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the abdomen. Hot, stimulating footbaths are useful by way of revulsion.
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haps bilious diarrhoea, tenderness of the liver, epigas-
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So. to my mind, it is possible that the fact that we do not use
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Place the butter in a teacup with the above proportion of
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organic compound containing phosphorus, the composi-
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its surface, describing the regular arborescent appearance by the