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part. Circular measurement below umbilicus, 304 inches. When he lies on his

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perature a temperature -uniform for long periods, and not dis-

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by Professor Bang of Copenhagen. Tuberculin, an extract from sterilised

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PIuTCHiNSON, Sir Jonathan. "On Curving of the Penis," Arch, of Surg., Lond., 1893-94>

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the affected side. It is a noteworthy fact that, directly after the opera-

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The whitish cut surface is often more or less mottled, with a pinkish,

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by the State of South Dakota. The optional Supplemental

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over a jiad of cotton placed upon tiie swollen surface.

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secretion, as the retained food acts as an irritant to the gastric mucous mem-

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(4) A tight box, preferably zinc lined, which fits tightly on the

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is entirely "degenerative." All quibbling over the definition

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Fever, acute autumnal, case of, 353 ; typhoid, case of, 354 ;

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treatment of medical officers in the array. The combat-

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be occluded or readily obstructed by the solid faeces of the lower bowel.

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I should not ordinarily notice a v(ie\-& personal matter of this

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that decides against the theory of the microbic origin of sympathetic

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tion to the rhinologist which are sent back with a nega-

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account the safest plan, to draw blood from the arm, so long as

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been sufficiently indicated in the last paragraph ; but the most frequent

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author states to be " the real subject-matter of the

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suitable for local treatment, and the indications are that they shall be free from

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Nydeggeb, J. A., passed assistant surgeon, granted leave of absence

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method, rectal feeding should be instituted. If excision of the diverticulum

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immediate suffocation ; and the thorax being punctured, it will

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Despite its infrequency, acute adrenocortical insuffi-

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viz., pulmonary tuberculosis, that it will suffice to simply refer to it here.

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