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tions, giving additional shelf-room for about 27,000 volumes,
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We shall simply regard poisons as those substances which destroy
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Anopheline bites a man, the parasite enters into the blood-
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Dr. Barnes certainly has not proved that the chloroform is chargeable with
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"DECAUSE : It is the LEADIXG JOURNAL of Amc:icii and contains more reading.
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eig-ht years after operation. It shows excellent im-
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The streamlining of the .Association’s sprawling council-
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Medical education. University of Mississippi Medical
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arterio-sclerosis is well recognized. It cannot be asserted that this
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recting the displacement, without relief of the symptoms. She went to another
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you will ignore it, and say you will have nothing to do with
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malaise, and soon vesicles, such as are described under Aphthous Stomatitis,
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in differentiating between different diseases, but also in
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case between the practically non-vaporizable tantalum and the mercury,
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conditions would of themselves suffice for the purpose, would be seriously urged in rejoinder.
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In the cases of diabetes which had come under his notice dur-
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mobilization of all the social forces — both public and private — official
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enlarged tonsils and adenoids, nor constipation appear to be the
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This is to be distinguished from the a^dema which was present, foi-
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ever be for its continuance and prosperity, so long as suffering
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individuals. Emptying takes fifty-five minutes; at sixty
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rigorously carried out. By this sanitary legislation Great Britain,
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in fact, her reputation had been considerably at stake in her community
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accelerated cardiac frequency and pain (not angina) being the most
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not invariably. The same observation was made by Weichselbaum years ago,
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2. Some Results following Needle-puncture. W. H. Jal-