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complete elimination of the infectious focus by extirpation of the diseased

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overdiagnosed ; but this diagnosis has also been useful and interest-

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that person shall automatically succeed to the presidency

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gained by carefully shifting the patient from one part of the bed to

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Advertisements from individual members of the State Medical Society will be accepted without charge. The

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United States. It Avas never known, at least to any

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R. R. Ferguson, Chairman. .4013 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago

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are only too willing to hold the teeth responsible for any disease

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ing on the spectroscopic absorption bands of urobilin; (3) those

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an embolism. And in nearly all of the cases there is a

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interaction between selegiline and demerol

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The recent action of Rush Medical College in conferring the medical

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water will be found to be a grateful practice. An ice-cap to the head,

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such a diagnosis. I can only regard it, in accordance with the suggestion of

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theorizer that the sick person requires, but the expe-

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at the end of a month. This experiment was repeated three times with the same

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You may say, then. What benefit accrues by our recognising them now,

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November 28, 1903 : Smallpox, 32 cases ; diphtheria, 15 cases ;

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that the occlusion rarely takes place by means of the soft


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eldepryl and demerol interactions

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College. By so acting we express a wish to do you an honour,

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drug interaction between selegiline and demerol

labor. Although he has not abstained totally, he has never indulged

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while those who dedicate themselves to the latter studies are very scep-

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and the next as ridiculous. If to-day an ignorant person asks,

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The tubercles were partly recent and of usual a{)[)earance, partly

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woman at the time suffered from prolapse, the operator

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Canals, Capsule, Corpuscles, Follicles of ; Glomeruli, Pyra-

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section of the artery, it was thus found, contained only

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normal and had no recollection of the time that had elapsed.

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dition exhibited a blue color. '* It is, in fact, a condition

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what takes place when in the injection of iodine some of the

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small and large doses. And when this is taken in connection with

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denote convalescence, and even after the patient has apparently recovered.

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called upon to prove almost anything, and certainly the Christian scientists,

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his patients. The reader of the paper had also called atten-

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on his knowledge of chemistry and anatomy, and on Harvey's

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from absorption, if not due to complications, e. g., peritonitis, pleurisy,

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Street by a circle containing a cross. At 3 F Street Pellagrin 198, a

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the administration of the drug. The output of urine reaches its previ-

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