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pressively hot ; air 97°; water twelve inches below the surface,

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exposure acts as a general predisposing cause to infec-

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of the thousandfold ophthalmic diabolism of the present time to

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strait even at the commencement of labour; that the bi-parietal diameter

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Quinia, at a proper time and in proper sedative doses, is therefore a

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flection on the mode of death and over»distended state of the venous system,

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when possible, of amputations in children ; but when un-

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to a deplorable want of a proper hygienic system, and the

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breaking out on the voyage, she had to put into Halifax, and;

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general appearances were those of a healthy young woman

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in weight or eliminated in some other way than in the urine ;

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Chemistry, Materia Medica and Toxicology in Rush Medical

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2.— See American Medicine, Vol. V, No. 22, p. 857.

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of mobility. In the chronic variety the skin is never

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manufacturing and marketing them, to devdop the knowledge

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Essentials of Medical Diagnosis Arranged in the Form

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general one or two years elapse before it reaches its most ad-

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prisons which has been written by Dr. Robert Christison and

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inferior border of the ribs and the umbilicus. If the patient is thin,

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It would seem that, anatomically, there is no greater difficulty in

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pigs, under his experiments, consisted of "growths which in their

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bevelled gears and the milled wheel for the hand, and


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J. G. Spurzheim, M % £>., pp. 386 etseqof" Observations on the Deranged Manifestation*

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to account for the diversity ? Can we predicate with any certainty

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■was an important element with regard to the mortality of the

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any where described. It is the motor ataxia of hysteria. In the great

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of the rim of the acetabulum was found detached, and another line of

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hospital and return to his occupation. The res[)iratory murmur on the left

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transmission of rheumatic inflammation to them from the articu-