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sonderung. Arch. f. Anat., Physiol, u. wisseusch. Med.,

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In a sixteenth case (1895 ; age at onset 1 year 9 months ; ill four weeks)

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virulent, diffusing itself throi^hout the fluid media to which it gains access,

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seating doses of the tartrit of antimony, and purgatives.

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in another by eczema, in others by various other troubles :

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leucocyte (lienocyte); 3, small mononuclear leucocyte (lymphocyte); 4, eosinophil

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When the neuralgia has spread beyond its original area and come

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seven days, second larva, three to four days. They commence spinning

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tropical world, and also occurs in the Temperate Zone. In general

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expected to kill 1,000.000 typhoid bacilli, 50,000,000 paratyphoid

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