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sideration. I. What was the nature of the lesion which
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Medica, as a mark of their esteem, and confidence. In 1852, he visited
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Laymon, Carl W„ and Schoch, Eugene P. : Nevoxantho-
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. . . Stoiiiucli and iulustiiiOH : Mucous iiionibniiie tliroti^'liout
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the end of twenty-four hours or visible opalescence after three
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respiratory tract, or to some reflex nervous affection ; sometimes to a com-
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his cleiuent. The knife, for the removal of a limb, is foreign to his
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be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal ,
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Thus, in 1862, in a discussion at the Eoyal Medical
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sumption, and other destructive affections of the lungs. Perhaps
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recommended for practice, because the different turns can be used in
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fauces with a soft swab, and repeat it every ten or fifteen min-
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The difficulties of tracheotomy, performed for the relief of the
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quantity. Ecchymosis had taken place at one or two points where the in-
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has by degrees come to pass that few indeed, and these as a
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the same time, despite a good appetite, sometimes even
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came into view. It was lying obliquely from right to left ; its head was
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sists, for instance, that the urine must be maintained in
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the tail and hind-legs observed, and death occurred in about one
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of very small growths which are quite accessible is the forceps of Heymann,
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Excision ot'hip-joiut; recovery. Chicago M. J . & Exam.,
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hot coals, or bundles of serpents, and sometimes nothing but force will
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ent of the American Practitioner and News writes from
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to the operative procedures which Arbuthnot Lane has
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shareholders, " be a secret society called ' Harmony ' and I will
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Notes ou the localization of foreign bodies which have
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tion three times as extensive as that supplied by the
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can benefit wildlife over the long term by restoring
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as well as some of Galen's cotemporaries, have been perhaps justly
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of diphtheritic palsy is to recover. Apathy, vomiting, and restlessness, in-
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ence of murmur in the larger arteries, such as the carotid, subclavian, etc.,
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The oil of thyme is then added, and the bottle carefully corked and
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resorted to for deceiving or warding off the evil spirits. The priests
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If there is cardiac weakness, absolute quiet in the recumbent
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scarlatina and is attended by serious dangers, both near and remote. In
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Temperature, a.m., 101.4**; p.m., 102.2° F.; pulse, 106.
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!nn .^ " ^' '-'P''^'^^- ^^ ^^^^' '^^^"It persons wonld eat the
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strength, and she was sent to AVard XI 11., under Dr. Keiller's charge, in order
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is equally at fault in lack of knowledge of the origin d