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Repr. from : Mem. Accad. d. sc. d. 1st. di Bologna, 1867,
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1. The bronchitic type is but a stage of pulmonary changes
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Lnd conditions, yet the other symptoms, the history of the
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etc. ? Physicians have been at a loss to explain the rea-
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human system and is hence the type commonly assumed by fevers
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nose, .where the vessels, dilated in varying degrees, may be seen in a
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The physical signs, when carefully observed, usually serve to enlighten
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neutral oxygen. Thenard, who discovered recently appointed Professor of Anatomy at
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Owing to the active co-operation of the patient it was found possible to feed
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vations. And Ehrlich's idea that eosinophilic leucocytosis is diagnostic
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1695. We have already remarked that enteritis generally ran
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with large quantities of stimulants. I learned the opposite
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abortion. If the involution of the uterus go on slowly after its con-
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adherents of this procedure 'and then in sharp contrast to
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therefore conclude that raw milk is the liquid to be em-
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The splanchnic serous tissues are, peritoneum, pleurae, lining of
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the excesses of alcoholic stimulants, the effects of an immoral
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sists more than three days after opening the membrane operation
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edies and their mode of application will depend to a
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mother, for I have a tendency to urinate quite freely.
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betic j)atients induces him to draw attention to a preparation of
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under the ribs; and which is not accompanied by pain
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gressively increasing difficulty in getting injected fluids into
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That much vaccination is not protective does not argue
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Pulv. glycyrrhizae, aquae aa quant, suffic. ut fiat
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appear to have been made by Leeuwenhoek. As a result
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tured, and half a pint of cream-like, chocolate-coloured fluid escaped ;
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authors therefore tested the blood of twenty-three difl'erent animals,
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produced by stricture. A sound (from No. 15 to 18 of Charriere's series) should
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as the artery scarcely shortens when its coats are <
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who desire it. Names may be left at this office. Some months since we
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Deutscber Aerztetag. [See Verhandl. d. dentscli. Aerztetages. ]
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he experienced in the abdomen, invariably left him, and he enjoyed
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The Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, 1878, is divided into
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and used only every fifth or sixth day. Both web and
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ness of the tongue. For a week previously he had suffered from pains in