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persons sleep Avill often be absent, or of a broken kind from the
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at first used a somewhat complicated process of extraction and puri-
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waters are broken. The diagnosis of the normal position, right or left
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given case of epilepsy is capable of amelioration, a satisfactory
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shoulders and trunk, on account of their greater breadth and
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tional disease ; and this is shown by death occurring without post-mortem
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very generally, practice and advocate it. A respectable array of evidence in
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with repeated negative cultures, was not given antitoxin but was in-
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caution here to be guarded against is that we do not push this doctrine of
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these effects cannot be laid at the door of quinin. Many obstetricians
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therefore everybody admires. We are afraid * F. M.'
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porary benefit, 69 ; 38, no improvement ; 7, doubt-
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by certain conditions. It is prepared by reducing camphor-ortho-
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protract their recuperation. Fifty-one years have elapsed
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lighted. Surely the question is purely an individual one, and it is
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of vapor, simple and mingled with ether, camphor, chlorine, &c., have
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The arrangement of the subject-matter of the work impresses
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and rotation movements are more especially likely to preserve a definite
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ble hope of an organic union of Christian sects is in
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May 26th, passed a very restless night, headache very severe, extending around
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gested it at about the .same time. But this is not all.
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Esquirol and Georget bring to light, analagous appearances
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of light-perception grew steadily stronger, and a weak
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with multiple abscess formation in the subcutaneous tissue, the disease
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that one remedy has greater power than another to mitigate or
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office, are the kind we meet most frequently, and from these you get a
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St. Vincent's Hospital, practised for a time in this city.
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beasts which, when fed on buckwheat in the dark, remained
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lated by E. G. Richards. Edinburgh and London : Wm.