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the rim of the orbit, traveling along the nasal side,

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the colouring matter, and are to be seen, very distinctly, running

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occupation which will make them self sustaining has

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sible 'lengthen his life. In a week his pain was re-

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(Section Jn Oplithp.lmology) ; Medical Association of the

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State board as an advisory and controlling center ; but its bene-

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age, there can be little question as to the fearful

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each other ; and that missiles which traversed pos-

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eminent and accurate narrator, who assisted at the autopsy.

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have an early diagnosis made in syphilis as it is in

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Rheumatic fever, salicylates in. .'.'.'.'.'.'.][ 390

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after being wounded by a sword thrust in the chest, pursued

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or four hours. Gauze alone is sometimes of value in

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habit of commencing the change (as soon as there is any appear-

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Cavity of the chest : at the back part of the left lung many abscesses

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milligram hours usually gave a satisfactory resitlt,

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24 Dr. Churchill on the Length of the Umbilical Cord.

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Rcdi'cafiona!. — In the acute febrile period, little

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purposes it helps to localize the seat of the trouble.

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themselves from time to time, have enabled me to continue my

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rheumatism of the knee. I had not at that time tried acupuncture,

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and shoulders, thigh, and legs. In girls the abdomi-

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named from the mountain ; on the south are the villages of Junera,

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the following table, which exhibits the number of fever cases

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The second will be best obtained by shaving the head,

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* " Un ganjon de la campagne, age de quatorze ans ou environ, avoit oui

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adjust its receptors to the environment and acquire

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verings, and their more projecting point superficially abraded —

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did before the passage of the Workman's Compensation

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dilatation of the smaller air passages might result.

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Graves's paper on this subject.* For myself, while my limited

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FiDLER. — In New York, N. Y., on Wednesday, March

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fifty-eight, in apparently good health, entered the

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speak surgically, Dr. Hall has confounded the principles of

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are as follows : i , Alcohol is undoubtedly a food in

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Dr. Bigger exhibited to the meeting two rabbits, one of

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for serious results that follow the improper use of

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normal side, it was manifest tliat trophic and vaso-

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severe as totally to arrest its functions, nutrition in every part of