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bad stomath always means a bad prognosis. This does
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of the patient, the symptoms, as well as the labora-
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multiple panel view box, which will hold the films from 20-30 patient exami-
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before he could notify the people not to kill the animal
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ical colleges on therapeutics, and laboratory work substituted. He
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a Wassermann reaction by opinions from my colleagues as to tiie
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Gregory stated it at from four to six days ; Heberden at eight or nine.
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months to secondary rays at a distance of four feet from the
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Andrew William Messer, M.B., CM., Scotswood-on-Tyne,
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by the entire separation of the brain ; when artificial respiration was instituted in the
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discovered by Dr. Selman A. Waksman. Both Di. Fleming
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ally hastened. It cannot be stated whether such appar-
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livelihood he engaged in the business of trafficking in
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W^Essai^s on Insanity, Hypochondriasis, and other nervous Affections-,
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this region, but still more to the fact that seborrhoea (which is extremely
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has been known to attack eleven out of the twelve. In
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except in extreme cases, in which the heart had almost ceased to beat, rapidly
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be tried in all cases of strangidation, with the single exception
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greatly reduced in volume and temporary anuria is often observed.
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The atrophy is really due to an excess of cell-destruction
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After this time there was no further rise in temperature. The stools were still liquid
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of the English of his standing. It was the custom at
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can account for the difference in ton action of nerves down at Johns Hopkins
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used by Cook and Banks in their journals in 1789. Tattow was
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an exception — but of those that can be gilt the lighter colour will make them
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changed some of my impressions of a year, or more, since.
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and lamented death of the Hon. Archibald Ian Gordon, the
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most fatal in the middle belt of the country where the range of tem-
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libations of cold water, intense moral emotions, were supposed to produce
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Butler; delegate Dr. A. F. Heising; alternate, Dr. W. H. Carls; Board of
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rigor, followed by pain in right side, high fever and troublesome cough.
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John Hunter, the famous surgeon, about the case, and gave the
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second, those which follow organic or constitutional
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Primrose, R. 8., acting assistant surgeon, granted leave of absence for
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what distended, and there was dulness extending two-
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