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in the liver, the "peptonuria" was explained upon the assumption
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***Journal of American Medical Association, October 2, 1921.
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3. Name the common parasites that infest the ailimentary tract of man;
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increased destruction of ingested and body proteid, with oxidation of the
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considers a great favor, as it will save a considerable amount for the
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inter-communication between countries and districts, which, in earlier
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tended with a peculiar hyaline form of degenerated protoplasm, to be
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thoracis, he had done it with an apparatus like a re-
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The favorable condition of nutrition is unvaried. The
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where tuberculosis most frequently makes its first appearance, vesicular
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(which might contain albumin or grease), from the va-
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Profeaeor of Pulmonary Diseases and Climatology, in the Tufta College Medical
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They are restless, imitative, and fond of music, but have little power of
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cleansed with hot salt sponges. Iodoform gauze drain inserted.
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the hot mixture, acidulate the filtrate with acetic acid,
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reference to the explanation of the modus operandi of calomel.
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calling to the friends, the Doctor informed them that they must
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ally presents the evidences of catarrhal or diphtheritic inflammation. The
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parasites had been caused by the administration of quinine. We have
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on a cold day, by the cloud condensing near the nostrils or mouth.
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which show that the neuralgic pain is secondary, and that the case ought
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•'2. AYhen fully formed, they are regularly organized anatomical elements,
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" 8th. — The countenance wears a stupid expression. The con-
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heart is all right. Instead ot menstruating six days,
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words and synon.vms ; sometimes he seems to amplify the sense, as
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labour from the elder branches of the family." Eewards he