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prevents the formation of the joint cavity resulting in immobili
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cation and typhoid bacilli as well as staphylococci
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The occurrence of the disease produced great excitement in the neighbor
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a death from Cholera Infantum does not mean a death from
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ments with the hands and feet. Suicidal tendencies are not uncommon in
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ties are the long dry seasons and scarcity of natural water supply
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in pregnancy and labor and occasions painful and troublesome
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include those in Avhich an operation was performed early a
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vourable circumstances Take for example. Dr. Roger s case Clay s d
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deeper regions examining first with the patient on the back then
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as advocated by Ballance but in one instance secured an admirable
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going into detail I will refer briefly to the great value of the
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nostrils for coughs following catarrh of a weak type and influenza. When
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Treatment of an attack by gt ita putana. Sprinkling Fumi
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His ability as a surgeon received high commendation from
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sufficient points of distinction. It is evident therefore he
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