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reported as occurring on the Gold Coast of Western Africa,

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Morbid anatomy. — Splenic embolism is most frequently a consequence

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appearances, dry or adhesive, fibrinous, sero-fibrinous, or purulent, accord! n-

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well, owing to weakness. Four leeches to he applied over the tumour in epigastrium.

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Most mosquitoes lay their eggs upon the surface of water. In

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bronchi are less yielding than the pulmonary tissue.

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enlarges to fourth or fifth day; crusts over; dries up and disappears,

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* Deiderich, Victor P : Surgnry, Gynfcology and Obstetrics, vol. 28, p. 362.

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pared by the usual method,' using double the usual amount of 50%

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wooden and glass box, provided with a sort of aspirating shaft that

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within London. The removal of hospitals from London was fully dealt with in

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acid, creatin, etc. The albuminous substances occupy

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inently are spasm, pain, atrophy and night cries. Too

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Scissors. — The "Hausa" scissors have an arrangement which

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