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To give an idea of the results obtained, I here append the observation
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elas and Prodigiosus Toxines. — In an article on this subject, in the
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from those of Dr. Goelet. The negative pole was used in non-
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utactured by Darrach, of Oraiige Junction, Essex County,
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diarrhea three years ; recently had passed much pus, blood and
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the cold bath the only really efficient method. Now, a
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aise, and moderate fever (101°-104°), followed by swelling
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alopecia areata is to be distinguished by the presence of
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dic. d. Cong. d. Ass. oftal. itah 189.5, Pavia, 1896, xiv, 275-
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life, it has been gradually on the increase in our midst, not merely in cases in
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teaching of anatomy that are coming we must never lose sight
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inoculating sheep from the small-pox of man might induce as
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both be required. They will be provided by the War Department.
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the respiratory organs also were affected). The mesenteric nodes were
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observing the little place this subject occupies in Surgical
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mass. On palpation they are firm and hard. The skin and underlying
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at once. What it has taken a week or ten days to do, it will
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Province-house Estate, so called, with authority to sell the
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found to be softened, the liver and spleen flabby, and the arteries
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cases described by authors, in which the movements consist of " malleation." The
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time of the Franco-Prussian war the Prussian army lost some
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as in other cases, for the faithful \)erformance of their duties.
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sideration of weighty matters. The medical curriculum was the
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that the safest means is the wet pack or cold sponge bath, with, if