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be present in normal amounts i. e., demonstrable with a dilution

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Dermatologic— Rash,* pruritus. Central Nervous System— Dizziness* headache* nervousness

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defined narrow ring of black pigment around the entire border of the disc.

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proportion of cases. It has a blowing character, is rather soft, and, in

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the ease with which displaced kidneys can be diagnosed

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venoms are viscid fluids which vary in color from the palest amber to a

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vas entirely composed of molecular fibres, included in a mass of coagulated molecular

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for a symptom only, for the ascites, and such an operation is scientifically

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Countrv Practitioner," by Dr. Charles Page, Oakville.

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and the urine showed an abundance of albumin and a variety of casts.

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■25 grammes (3^ grains), each tablet is equivalent to '25 grammes

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last cases, to which Fagge refers, are by no means absent from

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one's fist, especially if it happen to occupy the central portion, or

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pital at the end of 1901, and 1,933 new patients were

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been during the last two years epidemics of typhoid

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On leaving the apparatus, pulverized fluids undoubtedly undergo some degree

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rized animals puncture of the nerve centers causes an elevation of

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and long standing disturbances of the supreme nerve centres.

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has been met with more frequently in horses and cattle than in

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dangerous of all diseases to the public health — syphilis

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and tie it as a preliminary step, and the haemorrhage was exces-

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will find that this perfume meets with a ready sale.

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spi'Cting drainage of large swamps. Rep. Bd. Health N.

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know of no surgeon since the days of Cooper who recommends the

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tutional taint lurking in the system, and no remedies can be otherwise

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true ground for any leprosy scare as far as this country is concerned.

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ing upon this subject, two patients came under the author's no-

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and sloppy. The dry cell has been found reliable. 2. Pneumatic