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dated by Dr. Letheby. It would be tedious to report the

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ation, 'Others become crowned with a horny summit, and others

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New York, H. N. Vineberg, New York ; clergymen's sore throat (?), J.

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features which distinguish it from the form seen in adults. These

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vesicles near the principal ones about the third or fourth day — secondary

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of the bowel with water in order to stimulate the renal func-

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months. Testimonials, etc., to be sent to the Secretary, on or before

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cavity in the perineum, and hence it will pass into the scrotum, viz.,

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was a marked diminution of cutaneous and muscular sensibility, the patient being unable

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Chemistry, Materia Medica and Toxicology in Rush Medical

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A most useful institution, and one that ought to have

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sanitary condition of Mexico, had been recommended.

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lation by enveloping the body and limbs during the opera-

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dignity, for we are forbidden to advertise. The young physician, or

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by the patient before his shame allows him to seek medi-

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cult, where the ilium is much curved, to exactly deter-

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The action and reaction of the peripheral organs upon the brain is shown