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them to get their feet wet in stormy, thawy or muddy weather ; hence
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a most remarkable case in which a man committed suicide by shooting himself in
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and the deeper structures threaten to become involved.
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certain of his muscles, or all of them, are shrunken, rigid or paralysed.
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dyspeptic symptoms, and pain in the right hypochondrium; usually
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Inversion of the Sexual Instinct. — A recent number of
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the more advanced stage grows more frequent and tense.
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speakers for the evening were : Dr. J. McLean, of Fayette, Iowa, and How-
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the arm, because the movements performed by its several muscles are more
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tionate again as these effects of the injury subside. Various paretic
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infected on admission, and the confinement and depression of prison
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knowledge through which all progress in the profession has come about, and
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sible moment, any disease which we may be called upon to
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him I could not sell a medicine I knew nothing about. He
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exception, and that is when the capable patient refuses
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Microscopically, the capillaries of the intestinal villi commonly
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Sir, — I am obliged t'> you for inserting my communication on the blood