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antibiotics, notably Clindamycin, Lincomycin, and Ampi-

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of such cases recovered. Whether this was because of, or

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modification of the disease by arsenic. These mani-

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Tliis is an important landmark, defining where the stomach ends and the

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on the beach, and the jury were asked to infer from this fact that the man \ a

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but according to my recollection, there was a difference of

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solution of opium or decoction of poppies, or fomentation of

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Asson (M.) Sulla frattura del coUo del femore e sopra

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was a slight fracture of the edge of the occipital bone, with a scalp-tumour.

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of hydrogen ; and this fact, added to the demand which carbon has

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ing in the aqueous humour, at one time rising to the superior,

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ITIeFaflyean (J.) Influenza of the horse; what is it?

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large fistulas, but he certainly thought any fistula one-third of an inch in

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In malaria of the so-called pernicious type an almost identical

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sideration or treatment. The board regrets the necessity

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and arsenic in alkaline solutions, the milder preparations of iron, or the

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base a prognosis are given by different authors, but in reality one must judge

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losis. A striking instance of this is seen in the steady

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ments M. Laborde concludes that the muscular contractility is not primarily or

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of training in students, both iu Germany and in France

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which increased and was accompanied by the peculiar delirium and

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Cesarean section for placenta previa is advocated by

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attack escape upon exposure. Nearly twice as many cases occur during

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the child was already dead. In another cholera patient, also in the same

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Napoli, 1895, xi, pt. 2, 530: 544. — von Hacker. Ex-

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amongst the richer classes, who are subject to diseases of a

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In regard to the nature of the local affection there has been a great

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charitable institutions. In such cases the work before us will assist him in

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nance — or, as it has sometimes been called, the physiognomy

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can, the exhibition of opium, except when certain precautions have been

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and Navy General Hospital, Hot Springs, Ark., to Manila, P. I.,

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In reference to the question of the effects upon the children