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times terminating even in death, as in Mr. Macnish's case of
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final attenuated form. The stages which Mayer associates
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not to seem partial, it is, we think, a pity that he
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perceptible improvement. I attribute this result i.)artially
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a considerable time prior to the birth of this child, and he chiefly resided in
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be done. Thus far, hospital statistics gave the best results.
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view of a few of the prominent qualities upon which
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it, there was found imbedded in the posterior part a calculus 6£ inches
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Acute generalized peritonitis in its symptomatology bears a dose resem-
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Graves, Dr. R. J., on the law which regulates the relapse-
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The restraining power of gentian- violet was found variable — 1 to
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with such matters as the visitation, encouragement and
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and the region Involved in the ecchymosis, associated with knowledge of the rela-
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amination of the chest and abdomen gave negative re-
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ration, i. e., conditions of nutritive equilibrium. With these reservations
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some symptoms of mania ^ potu. There is no pulsation in the tumour, although it
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tion of salicylate of soda, and although there was a marked general
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young forms, and diminish by degrees to cease entirely during the
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Reflex, by Dr. A. E. Bulson, of Jackson, Mich.; The Modern
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spasmodic affections like colic, and in sporadic cholera. Many other exam-
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ished, and when, therefore, it was beJieved that the cord
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washings added to the distillate. After the addition of a few drops
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Berkeley's paper in tlie Jouni. Olist. and Gyncrc. Brit, luiipirr, January, 1903.
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committee and the Council for financing the San Fran-
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tion of pure Acetic Acid, applying it drop by drop until the wart
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cfaronio inflammation does ; in most cases it develops slowly, and grad-
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the acute affection, are explauied by the interference with the circulation
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might be termed a new mode of treatment might be traced
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