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left kidney was in a healthy state, but the right was enlarged to four times

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fessor of Obstetrics, and filled this post till 1826, when he resigned, with

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layers of the mucosa are in a state of cloudy swelling. Some authors

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In the Punjab the foodstuffs in common use are the better-

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Agnew, Dr., removal of membraniform obstructions from

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little or no attention in this country. They afford a most

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the great majority, the result of wounds or disease, leaxing behind them a

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suppuration of the brain." The concurrence of hepatic abscess and

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moment of earliest reaction, to diminish, and soon entirely abstain from

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ferent colors to distinguish their function, led to their appro-

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of health, and who, by this complication, was so severely af-

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The interference with associated volitional sensori-motor and

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this change of type assume a position illogical and

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accumulation is made and profitably invested in productive securities,

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muscles are not rigid to passive movement, but the state is one best

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so that practically we are reduced in our choice to silk, cat-

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murmurs vary with the condition of the blood. Sometimes

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walls of the pharynx, and glosso- and aryt.-eno-epi-

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morning, as melting as the tears that glisten in affection's eye — by growing kindly, by cultivating

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must be giveJi due weight as an element in causing the de-

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