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of Mayo's operation for umbilical hernia. I am not aware

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which is, in a majority of instances, flushed; from epilepsy, by the ab-

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all, may be the actual form of unsoundness. This would

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larity of pulse, fickleness of temperature, and fluc-

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days ; then apply the white precipitate ointment, and keep it

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the latter as such has ceased ; or, 3d. It may be used

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oedema. Spleen enlarged, red and firm. Profound anaemia of all the

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the surface of the mucous membrane the destruction of the tissue iii

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tion and pregnancy, added to hereditary taint, all combined, no doubt

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chyle finds its way into the urine within the kidney. In some cases

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Limestone," "Cliff Limestone,'*' and the " Coal Regions." He had

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perature of 95° degrees which is about the tempera-

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tissue between the lobules of the lung, then into the

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Charcot and others. We are all impressed strongly enough with these

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There are many other such growths scattered over the body. On the legs

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the immune mice, (b) Composite curves from the susceptible mice.

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be given in full doses, either separately or in combination, as

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ulcerating mammary carcinoma with metastases. Several of the masses

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ceral crises. No rectal or vesical impairment. No plantar

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His father dying when he was only ten years of age, his educa-

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v More Light on tlie Aftertreatment of Poliomyelitis. A. C.

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midway between the anus and tuberosity of the ischium, but a

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increases. The symptoms vary according to the location of the lesion.

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rhage, or both, is a symptom of diseases which are characterized by

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is a source of great regret that in none of the fatal cases

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in the operation of appendicitis, I am inclined to hold

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tion it would be difficidt to determine, and the very extensive use of

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justified in concluding that the small-celled, the cystic,

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writers to place fulminant gangrene of the penis among the streptococcal

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each unit, and the proper types of personnel are included therein

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ment and accamulation of blood in the systemic veins are developed:

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taken, he shall pay in addition the fees for such instruction as