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causing Ringworm in Human Beings as met with in London," Brit. Journ of Der-
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The stigmata of degeneration are not usually well marked in them,
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protoplasm around it, and granular matter outside it ; but with the fresh
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Miner's nystagmus would appear to be a craft palsy, distinctly analogous
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of a miliaria rubra or prickly heat, a condition very closely allied to
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protozoal parasitism in molluscum contagiosum would illuminate epithelial
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hair follicles. Some authors maintain that these curious little tumours
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start with a look of mingled surprise and gratification.
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mental action both depend upon similar modes of neural action ; some-
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principles on which the commercial devices operate, it is some-
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the two forms. This is accomplished as follows. To one tube add 2
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profession, so far as England is concerned, may be said to
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affection are sufficient to distinguish them from simple fungating warts.
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off the first drop of blood from the finger and use the
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(vol. vi. p. 607). (d) There is a heterogeneous collection of congestive
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Check by pouring the contents on a slide and examine
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or may not be an "aura." A complete "aura hysterica" consists of the
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leaves scars within a few weeks ; . but occasionally gangrenous sores may
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during the first few years crops of lesions succeed chilblains every spring,